Mr W

I engaged TGC as my principal contractor for a new-build house in Haddenham in 2017/2018.  This involved the demolition of an old cottage (formerly a cowshed) and the building of a timber-frame replacement house.  The construction of the timber-frame structure was separately contracted, but TGC was responsible for the demolition, land clearance, foundation work (including piling), the sub-structure, and all the work of fitting out, including tiling and drainage, as well as the construction of a carport.

Building a new house is a daunting task for an owner, but TGC took a close and reassuring interest in the project throughout all of the stages of the build, even suggesting new and helpful refinements as the project went forward.   All of the work carried out by TGC, and its contractors, was of very high standard and I was very impressed with the care they all took to get everything exactly right.  All of them have been a real pleasure to work with.

Mr WHaddenham